Isha ~ Retreats
Isha ~ Retreats
~Bird Sanctuary~Meditation~Silence~Yoga~Fasting~

Rosendale & High Falls / New York

Isha ~ Retreats

Private Customized Retreats with a Licensed Psychologist

Meditation ~ Dream work ~ Hiking ~ Fasting ~ Silence ~ Yoga


Private customized retreats with a licensed psychologist integrating a mind-body-spirit approach to health and healing.  I will meet you where you are psychologically to help you reach your goals (ie. release anxiety, learn deep relaxation, heal trauma, learn how to let go and work through experiences, emotional release, increase your physical wellbeing, improve relationships, transform anger, increase vitality, develop healthy eating habits, break through stuck areas, increase performance, find joy and laughter, etc).  This will enable you to develop self awareness in route to self actualization.  Offering weekend or week long intensives for maximal effectiveness.  Individual, couple, family, small groups as well as training in residence options.  I look forward to working with you!  Shalom-Salaam ~Dr. CJM

“I was able to feel fully refreshed for the first time in years.” I liked the pacing, accomodations, Dr. Mazzeo’s style & vibe.” J. L. (1/27/19 - NYC).



Centers & Bird Sanctuary


“I liked the holistic approach to healing & therapy.” “Dr. Carla is the most intuitive and skilled psychologist I’ve met thus far. The intensive treatment process was the most enlightening experience I have had in my adult life. Anyone struggling from anxiety, depression or addictions, should use this method to address their issues. It is like taking 6-12 months worth of therapy and addressing it in 4-5 days.” “Thank you Dr. C.” C. M., LCSW 2/18/19)


An Inviting Escape

"Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence." – Mourning Dove Salish


2 small private non-denominational monastic retreat centers for those who desire a safe meditative place to work on self actualization through mind~body~spirit synthesis with Dr. Carla Mazzeo.

~silent reflective focused contemplation ~1 on 1 in-depth comprehensive consultations ~communing with nature ~healing body movement ~intentional eating ~dreamwork

  • Learn how to liberate your inner guiding principal to reach maximum personal growth and healing potential.

  • Synchronize your mind-body-spirit towards a higher vibratory elevation by knowing yourself deeply to improve your quality of life, set and reach goals.

  • Face fears, change unwanted habits, realize stuck areas and blind spots through compassion, release traumas allowing you to focus on the future.

  • Develop body intuition/preventative health by freeing stress/energy blocks, while developing emotional IQ.

  • Re-wire your mind for real lasting deep change. Your thoughts, actions and emotions are neurochemical.

  • You must realize and accept that “fad diets don’t work.” There are no shortcuts, magic technology, pills or wands for true transformation. It is about the journey process and you will learn how to save time and money by spending less time with distractions, symptom substitutions or the repetition compulsion.

  • Gentle yet directive, open while focused, kind and loving concentrated effort towards enlightenment. You must be ready for this accelerated intensive experience.

  • Integration into your daily life is key. Make necessary life changes to incorporate this experience into a practice for yourself and to share with others (spouse, children, family, friends).

  • Personal professional guidance with Carla J. Mazzeo, PhD who has over 30+ years experience.

Private but not isolated these 2.5 acre “nature prayer parks” sit at the East and Western sides of the shawangunk mountain range (sacred old land) in beautiful Hudson Valley, NY.  One can walk/bike between the two centers or share a guided hike within the 8000 acres of the preserve.



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