Isha ~ Retreats
Isha ~ Retreats
~Bird Sanctuary~Meditation~Silence~Yoga~Fasting~

established in 2018

When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them.

 – Chief Seattle


 Nature, Silence , Fasting, Rest, Contemplation, Exercise & Dream Work

These are the components that will offer a transformative experience. Silence allows you to go much deeper into your subconscious mind while dreams allow you to transcend time and space. Quiet time is necessary to reflect and contemplate who & where you are & where you want to be. Relating differently with your body through movement and conscious eating will draw you into your physical self and release stress. I will be personally with you guiding you during your stay here. We will be in reflective silent contemplation except for consultations and certain activities.

  • As human beings we share a basic universal psychology.

Negative experiences, trauma, etc. create stress (emotional, physical, mental consc/sub/unconscious reactions). Stress creates an onset to a chain of reactions. I refer to this stress response as “stress bugs” - neuro-physiological chemical changes that occur in the body. It is the number 1 killer. It attacks us (our mind/body/spirit) on every level and we become symptomatic. Following a difficult experience, we give “stress bugs” (emotional and mental reactions to events) power unconsciously depending on our insights, story and interpretation of the event.

  • We embed and repeat certain thoughts or feelings and become neuro-chemically “stuck.” We need to identify and develop ways to purge it from our system, to understand and ‘re-wire.

Being in and learning how to synchronize with Nature’s Rhythm is a centering practice. To live in, appreciate and respect the forces of nature. A flow will develop, larger forces than oneself to realize and work within. Fully realize the beauty, awe, wonderment and at times respectful fear. This can put things into perspective as we need to coexist with mother earth.

  • Sitting in nature (all weather - with safety) and communing with birds. Birds are smart and friendly~ Relate with wild birds feel the serene joy!

  • Hiking, clean air, lung cleansing - go at your own pace - push at times and gentle other moments.

The body - all aspects thereof. Healing mending gentle movement, chanting, stretching, sleep, hot soaking bath, hiking. Learning what your body needs and how to listen and heal. “Never enough time” to do what is best for us. This is counter-cultural to a fast paced caffeine - culture that distracts us from our true selves and creates multiple physical and psychological symptoms.

  • This process allows you to make time (by shifting approach), but it will require life changes.

How did I get here? I became a slave to materialism, what I thought was important, supposed to do, or my fears prevented me from reaching my desired potential.”

  • Mouth, speech and food - mindfulness development

  • Body IQ - “Fountain of Youth” Muscle and bone strength,

  • Rest / Stretch

Learning how to be awake -lucid dreaming- in the dreamstate is a powerful experience that can offer deep levels of healing (psychological/spiritual). Dreams reach the deep areas of your sub and unconscious mind. A potential cryptic code of information to realize, learn from and alter. You can discover how to harness the “awake self” in the dream state and add this skill to your toolbank. The self-actualizing process is sparked when we limit distractions and external ‘noise.’

  • Learn how to differentiate between types of dreams, personal, wish, release, psychological, and spiritual dreams.

  • lucid dreaming - spiritual and psychological change

Akin to a vision quest, this process will allow you to ‘jump’ into yourself in ways you have not yet experienced. This can be unsettling as fears or buried material may arise from your unconscious mind. As you go towards light the dark will challenge you.

  • As with true change (growing pains) you may experience some discomfort and it is important that you understand, acknowledge and be psychologically ready for this experience. That is why initial retreats are structured and short in duration and I will be your guide/consultant through this process.

As you work towards mastery in these areas, a parallel process will occur - greater spiritual unfoldment. Our psychological and physical self is tied directly to our spiritual self. This work is not about blame, but understanding and deep lasting change. Alignment of energies through self awareness you learn how to be more in control of your life and interesting mystical experiences may occur with greater frequency.

  • With increased clarity you are better able to set and reach goals, adapt to change, see light and dark forces and make necessary life decisions from a balanced place of being.

About Me:    I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of experience. I have been in private practice for 18 years (see vitae).    I have various interests from mycology to astronomy and much in-between.  Recent studies have included observational learning about bird communication systems and weather patterns.  I am known to enjoy an impromptu great snowy winter sleigh ride or floating in (our disappearing) clean waters in the summer.    I live the retreat and am in silent centering contemplation often.

My interest in dreams began as a child sparked by a few prophetic dreams. Since then, I have been recording and conducting my personal dream work for over 30 years. I attended  silent Jungian dream retreats offered through my university.  I found these retreats to be powerfully transformative and have incorporated them into my daily life and practice. Additionally, I have been involved with dance, sports and movement therapy since childhood, beginning a yoga and meditative practice as a teenager. I hold firmly to the mind-body-spirit collective approach of emotional healing and psychological growth that can expand awareness and lead to self actualization.   I am very excited to now be able to share these retreats with you and tailor the retreat to your personal needs.

Brief Bio

Education/Work/Professional Development:

  • Comedic endeavor (brand new project)

  • Writing a book - Composition of Global Human Development & Civilizations. Looking at all aspects of the micro/macro cosmos from the dawn of antiquity to present with movement towards an evolutionary Eden. Leaving behind war based civilizations into a Christ/Buddha Consciousness for All. - 2011-Present

  • Bird Communications & weather patterns - Backyard Birding a Phenomenological Study - 2008 - Present

  • Private Practice, NY - 2002-Present

  • Astor Family Services, Court Evaluations -2009

  • Dream Group, Center for Symbolic Studies, NY - 2002-2007

  • SUNY New Paltz Staff Psychologist -2000-2003

  • Metropolitan Institute for training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, NYC - 1999

  • Notre Dame University, Internship - 1997

  • Retreats International, Meditating the Dream, IN - 1997

  • Doctorate of Philosophy, California School of Professional Psychology - 1997. Eco-Systemic Child/Family, Psychodynamic and Organizational Behavior concentrations.

  • Scholarship, Rediscovering Justice Conference. Explored the topic of Justice from various religious perspectives. Speakers from universities, the religious community, and Nobel Peace Prize winners, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Betty Williams. Wrote an essay to be published in a book about the conference. Essay was also placed in a time-capsule at Grace Cathedral to be opened in 50 years. CA - 1995

  • Jungian Dream Analysis Retreat, CA -1994- 1997

  • SUNY New Paltz, BA, Exchange student in Puebla Mexico -1990

    (for an extended curriculum vitae see page below)

We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.1 – Qwatsinas (Hereditary Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation


Birds -  I became interested in local bird social systems and communications as they are messengers of the lower sky and immediate environment. Tree and brush dwellers always in the here and now, referencing the sun and weather patterns with complex social systems of interconnectedness among the various species and with humans.


Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

 - Buddha

 Email me: for an initial assessment to see if these retreats are suitable for you!

I look forward to creating a healing space with you.  Blessings and prayer, Salaam - Shalom

~ Dr CJM