Silence/My role


We ask that you maintain Silence during your stay here except for specific meetings times listed above.  Please put away your watches, phones, and other technological devices.  I will ring a bell for meal and group meetings/activities.  You are encouraged to bring art supplies, journal, bird food and other creative tools.   


"The earth has Music for those who listen."  ---George Santayana


My Role:      I would like to discuss my role as a psychologist vs consultant/retreat guide.  Being that I am a psychologist, it may be confusing as to my role.  Therefore, I would like to clarify my position.  I will act as your guide during the retreat process and offer consultations as listed in the schedule.  This means that you have my wisdom, experience and training as your retreat guide.  I will also be in silence during your stay, except for scheduled meetings (for the silent retreats-modified accordingly for other themed retreats).   If you develop an interest to have a therapeutic relationship, that may be discussed at the end of or following your stay.  If you have questions or need further clarification, please let me know.  



A "Green" orientation/countrylife


I aspire to be as Green as possible.

Composting & Recyclables - If you bring food, please put your scraps in a bowl in the refrigerator to be composted upon departure.  There is a yellow garbage bin in the driveway for recyclables.

Plumbing - Septic systems are delicate, please only flush small amounts of toilet paper.  Even though other items may state they are septic safe, they are not (tampons, wet wipes, food, hair, etc.).  

Power outages -  From time to time we do experience power outages from storms.   The power is generally restored quickly (and depends upon the girth of the storm).   As we have a well pump,  you cannot draw water during an outage.  

Bugs - tics, stinging bugs, etc. -  Please be careful to check for tics as the North East has had problems with tics and lyme disease.  Bug repellent is effective as well as checking yourself, showering, and changing clothes.

Bed bugs - are very common in urban settings.  It does not correlate with how clean you are, but it is the consequence of living in very close quarters.  They hide in luggage etc.  If you suspect you have them, please inform me, as we can take simple necessary discreet precautions.   *Please only place luggage on luggage racks or floor and not on furniture.  


Monastic life/co-living


Upon arrival, I request that you bathe or shower and put on fresh clean clothes to begin the process of  intentional sanctification.  Clean sheets and towels will be provided.

Cleanliness and personal responsibility are essential in creating inner balance.   As our brother's & sister's keeper, I ask that you leave the center as clean as when you arrived.   

Following the Asian custom regarding shoes, please do not wear outside (street) shoes indoors.  Please bring indoor slippers. 

Co-living with nature and neighbors.


*No smoking/drugs/alcohol please