Terms + Conditions


"Man's Heart away from Nature becomes hard."   

--Standing Bear

We do not discriminate, all persons are welcomed.

  • Upon booking, I ask that you write an brief essay/statement about your hopes, intentions, and goals for your retreat experience.

  • Waiver of liability forms are required at the time of booking.

  • Feedback forms will be provided, as we hope you will help share in the development of this program.

"It's a known fact that we require each other, that each of us individually is a perfect unity of."

   -Journey Truth


Being that I am a psychologist, it may be confusing as to my role.  Therefore, I would like to clarify my position.  I will act as your guide during the retreat process and offer individual consultations as listed in the schedule.  I will also be in silence during your stay, except for scheduled meetings.  I am not entering into a therapy contract with you.  If you are interested in a future therapeutic relationship, that may be discussed at the end of or following your stay.  


No smoking/ drugs/alcohol allowed.

No health insurance accepted.


If a participant does not follow the guidelines of the retreat center/program, they may be asked to leave without refund.    


Parking is limited (one, possibly two cars per room), easy bus ride from port authority to  New Paltz and a 10 minute taxi to Center.  The bus also passes close by, with a 10 minute walk to the Center.    Email me at:  DrCMazzeo@aol.com to RSVP with contact information. I will call you to assist in your personal scheduling and retreat experience.


Cancellation policy:  

100% Refund up to three weeks prior (21 days).  5% processing fee

50% Refund up to 2 weeks prior.  (14 days)

30% Refund up to 1 week prior.  (7 days)

10% Refund (6 days or less)